Entrepreneur 101

Entrepreneur 101 will provide you with the tools and connections to successfully run your own business! Whether you are just getting started or already up and running, you will gain the practical skills necessary to achieve your dream of being your own boss. You will meet the people you need to know and make the right connections to build a successful business.


Entrepreneur 101 is for:

Anyone who wants to start your own business
Skilled workers who wish to work for themselves
Start ups that need direction

Entrepreneur 101 will cover:
Getting Starting/Did you start correctly? – Registration and Administration
Planning – Creating a Business Plan and Creating vs Supplying a Market
Financing – Preparation and Sourcing Money
Marketing – Strategically Finding and Keeping Customers/Clients
Running a Business Day to Day – Managing Yourself and Others
Reporting – Gov and taxes

Entrepreneur 101 Special Presentations:
Institutional and Alternative Financing including: Immigrant Financing
Using Media to Find Customers/Clients
Government Programs and Incentives
Personal Management and HR
Accounting and Reporting for Small Business

Entrepreneur 101 has a convenient schedule to blend with your day:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Fall Session: TBA
Location: Bridgewater

Entrepreneur 101 Completion:
You will have the skills to start and run a successful business!

Entrepreneur 101 Investment:

Entrepreneur 101

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